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After twenty years with Corporate America as a District Manager, Sales Trainer, Financial Advisor and Radio Talk Show Host of "Your Money Matters," in 1998 Richard Walters left all of that and became a self-employed Personal Fitness Trainer, Writer and Motivational Speaker.

This extraordinary life change has now led to a website devoted to fitness, health and awareness. Get Fit With Rich is Richard Walters' official website for people who either want to get into shape or get into even better shape! Rich offers In-Home Training, One on One Personal Training or Online Training, plus he offers lectures as a Motivational Speaker and workshops on Self Defense. Rich offers the following pointers below on being healthy.

The Healing Power of Exercise will: 1. Increase your life span, 2. reduce your chance of developing heart disease, 3. reduce your risk of stroke, 4. lower your risk of developing certain cancers, 5. prevent and treat high blood pressure, 6. prevent and treat diabetes, 7. burn fat and build muscle, 8. strengthen your bones, 9. improve cholesterol and triglyceride levels, 10. prevent and treat lower back problems, 11. reduce stress, anxiety and symptoms of depression, 12. reduce your risk of developing glaucoma and 13. boost your energy level!

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